Google Gesture Search

Google Gesture Search helps you to quickly access applications,contacts,music,settings etc and it also bookmarks on you android by simply drawing ... Read More
2014/02/23 By

LivingSocial App

DESCRIPTION: This app helps you kill the boredom by pushing deals for wide range of social activities.just select the location ... Read More
2014/02/17 By

Smart Document Scanner

DESCRIPTION: Now,it's time to move out of the shell and do some cool stuff on mobile with the new smart ... Read More
2014/02/11 By

SMS Location tracker

DESCRIPTION: Do you wanna know the exact location of the person who has just sent a message to your phone??.Did ... Read More
2014/02/09 By

Clean Master

DESCRIPTION: Clean master allows to clean cache,unused files,history.However,there are fans and critics of clean master.But,most of them l0ve to use ... Read More
2014/02/01 By

Android Device Manager

DESCRIPTION: A very useful to trace your phone when you can't find it anywhere.This application uses google account to track ... Read More