Autoclick 2.2 Download for Free

Tired of repeated mouse clicks?! Here is a simple solution to your difficulty…. It’s the auto click software. It is click automation software.

Auto clicker 2.2 is utility software. As the name says, it is software that allows automatic clicking of mouse without you. It was formerly called auto clicker. It is useful in case of applications that require number of mouse clicks or may be some games that need many clicks.

autoclick 2.2 images

Download and install this software. It gives you an option to set number of clicks and also the time interval between the clicks. Set it by clicking on the hotkey and run your application. You can just sit back and relax. The software will take care of everything about the mouse clicks.

There is another feature called smartClick that lets you keep record of the mouse clicks. You need not even worry about the load on your computer. It uses negligible resources.

How to use Auto-clicker 2.2 -

1. Run AutoClick.

2. Run any game or other program.

3. Point  the place you want to click.

4. Press F3 key to start auto click.

5. If you want to stop click functioning, press F3 again.

6.The default hotkey is F3, you can change it to any other key also.


Download Autoclick 2.2 for free



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