Change your Folder colors

Got bored with the same old look of your folders in your system.Want to get a new colourful look then why not try this app.By using Folder colorizer you can change your yellow color folders  turn into  your own choice of colors.This application is  easy to work with any opearating this folder colorize software double click the .exe file and install the software in your system.


Download latest Folder colorizer software


After successful installation when you click right click on your folders you will find Colorize! Option,hover on to  the colorize option you will find the list of then choose one color you  from them and click on the color then a dialogue box will we displayed showing congratulations then you can see the new look for your folder.if you want to give other colors of your own choice then click colors option you will find a color picker tray then make a color of your own choice and see the output.

This folder colorize app will help you  a lot by  keeping a set of colors to categorize a group of folders into a different type of colors makes searching easy and easy to locate your folders.

Download this free software for coloring folders  and this works with any operating systems like windows8,windows7,windows xp,mac and other operating systems.

Download folder colorizer 2.0.3 for free


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