Fireshot Screen Capturing Software

Do you want to capture your webpage which you are visiting and find difficulty using  print screen button, then here it is ,Fireshot add on is an extension to Browsers which can be used to capture the screen .using this a user can capture any webpage of a website.


Fireshot plugin inserts a small icon next to your address bar in any browser from which you want to print the screen or just the visible part of it.once you click on the fireshot button a image is captured in a separate window where a user can perform some basic editing tasks like, inserting text boxes, marking certain elements with the drawing tool, inserting shapes or arrows and selecting a certain area of the image and add effects to it, among others.

Apart from these a user can also copy the image to the Clipboard or send it as by email directly from FireShot screenshot. The capture image can Uploaded or Saved in any image format or Printed or can email it.fireshot is similar to photoshop you can edit crop addsome colour,increase the resolution of the image and many more.

 Download Fireshot screen capturing for Google Chrome


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