Tubidy for Video and Music search

Tubidy is a music video search engine. It is a java based application that lets mobile users to watch all videos in 3gp format or mp4 format. It can be used by any multimedia supported phones like nokia, blackberry, iphone, windows phones etc.

Download tubidy for free

This mobile application can download most famous all free PC games for free !! You can also preview the video you wanna download for 10 seconds before actually downloading it. It is optimised only for WAP , iphone and smartphone.

Tubidy indexes videos from different video sites. When you execute a search it lists results from these sites. When you download a video it streams directly from host site to your phone, through tubidy servers. These servers do the hard work of transcoding the stream on-the-fly to work on your phone.

If you are using a native browser on your blackberry phone, your videos will play only for 10 seconds. It cannot save files onto iphones or android phones, as the web apps dont have access to your android or ios filesystems.

Tubidy is a free app however standard data internet charges are applied.You can also use tubidy for music download or tubidy for songs to download.

How to use tubidy ?? Here are the steps:

-visit tubidy.mobi or tubidy.com from your mobile

-fill in the search box with the title of the video you wanna search

-choose from the list displayed from the search

-the click on video automatically download the video you want to watch.

Visit tubidy.mobi here…

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