IP Messenger for group chat & sending files over LAN

IP Messenger:

You want to send messages to others and you don’t have a server to do it, then here is a way, IP messenger!

IP messenger is an application through which a user can chat with others in his Local Area Network (LAN). When a message is sent to others a pop up window will appear displaying the message. This is used for multiple platforms for sending messages.Apart from sending a message to single user, it can also send to multiple users.

ip messnger free download

It is a very simple application. A user needs to download ip messenger  and install it so that he can send messages. After downloading a user needs to username and the group name inorder to start sending messages. This is based on TCP/IP protocol, it doesn’t need any server as it is a stand alone application

Apart from sending messages, a user can also take a screen shot of his desktop and send it to other users. IT also facilitates file transfer. The communication made by the users can be protected by setting a password and locking the messages that are important.

Download IP Messenger

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